About Us

About Us


Based on our accumulated technology from over 30 years of experience, Photo Clam has been developing and producing precision-machined products. Photo Clam is specialized in developing and manufacturing professional photographic equipment such as ball head, tripod heads including gear head, gimbal head, etc., carbon / aluminum tripod, camera plate, and so forth since 2005.

Based on our achievements and passion for best quality, we have been producing the world’s best quality products. With our technology and craftsmanship accumulated for more than 30 years, we hope to satisfy all the photographers’ needs that use cameras for highly advanced performance and image quality that can hardly be compared with ones in the past. Through our active investment and technological innovation, Photo Clam will continue to put its best efforts in providing products to help photographers expand their boundaries of artistic expression.




Production system enhancing product quality and the degrees of freedom in designing

To produce high-quality products, Photo Clam works with professional photographers from the development stage, reflects their views in product development, shares and discusses on problems and improvements at each manufacturing process, and utilizes them in producing products. We also listen to comments and problems raised by our product users and apply them in our product improvement.



Integrated production system, from part production to complete assembly, in Korea

Except for some small steps, all the parts of the products are completed in our production facility in Korea. Everything, including the cutting carbon paper, parts machining, grinding, surface treatment, assembly, etc., is completed in our production facility in Korea. We directly manage all production processes and flexibly operate its lines to handle small quantity batch production, and we have been implementing vigorous quality control worthy of high quality products.


  • 2016.05Mini Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2016.03Lens Support Bracket Launching
  • 2015.10New Meister Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2014.11New Professional Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2014.08Meister Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2014.05Carbon Monopod Launching
  • 2014.04Mini Aluminum Tripod Launching
  • 2014.02Professional Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2013.11AIR Aluminum Tripod Launching
  • 2012.03PRO Ball-Head / L-Plate Launching
  • 2010.06PROGOLD Ball-Head / PT Carbon Tripod Launching
  • 2008.04Orion Tilt Gimbal-Head Launching
  • 2007.05Multiflex Gear-Head Launching
  • 2006.03PC Ball-Head Launching
  • 2005.01Tripod Head Research and Development Start, Plate Launching